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Watch Out! Copy Mistakes Are Sinking Your Site

Business / Taxes

Aplus Legal Advice  |  2022.09.06 14:06  |  140 views

No matter how well you write, or even if you have a professional writer create your web site copy, you are going to have errors. Misspelled words, awkward sentences, phrases that do not make sense, and words that are used incorrectly run rampant through many sites. And it is no wonder. Writing well is challenging work. Even a good writer will be too close to the copy and will not see ALL their mistakes, even when re-reading the copy carefully.

What Is A trademark, Anyways?

Business / Copyright

Aplus Legal Advice  |  2022.08.09 16:30  |  139 views

We're not necessarily talking about Elvis' trademark sideburns or Catherine Hepburn's trademark voice, but that's not too far from the path. They're everywhere you look, and yet do you really know what they are? Trademarks are a strange animal and it's necessary that you get to know them if you have business endeavors of any kind. Whether you're making your own trademark or using other trademarks, there's a whole lot to learn.

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