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Selling Your Life Insurance (Viaticals & Life Settlements):

Insurance / Life Insurance

Aplus Legal Advice  |  2022.08.09 22:31  |  162 views

Selling your life insurance is an option you might consider if you’re in a difficult financial situation for which you don’t see a close end. A terminal illness or old age could cause you to think twice about paying those hefty premiums at this stage of your life. Selling your life insurance carries with it complex implications and substantial risks, so it is important that you educate yourself regarding the big picture. If you’re interested in selling your life insurance, this is a good starting point to obtain some basic information.

The Best Kept Secret About Life Insurance

Insurance / Life Insurance

Aplus Legal Advice  |  2022.07.31 19:21  |  164 views

Do you love someone enough to spend your hard earned dollars on a life insurance premium — month after month? Because the real benefit of a life insurance policy isn’t for you. It’s for those you love… but after you’ve gone. Life insurance is money paid to those who rely on you right now to provide a secure standard of living. They can lose this in a heartbeat. Life insurance is money when needed the most… with no income tax or publicity. Buying a life insurance policy is challenging because it isn’t an easy subject matter to begin with. Most people get confused about how it works and whom they can trust enough to make the purchase.

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